Enhance Professional Capacity Building

Promote the development of medical level in grass-roots units

Aiming to better cope with the severe chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease/CVD prevention and control, transfer CVD patients from hospital to community, a comprehensive educational program led by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, fully support by Pfizer China to improve GP/PCP diagnosis and treatment, formally initiated in August.

This series of educational programs based on advance COMPACT (Current Opinion Management of Practice and Action) from western countries, is mainly focused on clinical practice courses about dyslipidemia/hypertension management, acute myocardial infarction/stroke cases analysis, and comorbidities of cardiovascular disease therapy strategies, was successfully held in 10 key cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hanzhou, Tianjing, Ningbo and Shenzhen.

Support the Capacity Building of Hospital Management

Hospital managers in China play a key role in improving hospital reform and development concerning health reform. In order to improve leadership capacity, Pfizer China has collaborated with Tsinghua and Fudan University, two of China’s top universities, to offer a series of continuous medical education (CME) training activities nationwide.

The program combines classroom-teaching with field instruction. Hospital managers learn advanced hospital management theory, and practice the theory through hands-on instruction in hospitals. The program aims to continuously improve healthcare quality and safety, and finally to benefit the patients.

Support the Development of County Hospitals

Pfizer China collaborated with Tsinghua University to help county hospital managers enhance their management skills, and to enhance medical quality and safety in their hospitals. It has benefited 351 hospitals and 389 management leaders nationwide. We aim to increase hospital medical service capacities and management.

Enhance the Leadership Capacity Building in Public Health

In July 2013, Pfizer China supported Tsinghua University to conduct Public Health Leadership Advanced Training Course. There were over 50 Chinese Disease Prevention and Control Center (CDC) experts and community hospital managers came from Beijing and Hangzhou that participated in and benefited from this event through discussion and sharing in the areas of public policy analysis, industry hot points, leadership and communication, disease prevention and practices.

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