Pfizer China is Ranked the 12th Among MNCs in Forbes China's 2006 Charity List!
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  • Beijing    May 8, 2006

  • Pfizer China is ranked the 12th among multinational companies in Forbes China's 2006 Charity List! It is the 3rd consecutive year for Pfizer to be listed.

    Pfizer China charitably contributed RMB ¥5 .33 million in 2005, mainly focus on partnership program with Project HOPE and FHI in fighting against HIV/AIDS in Hubei and Guangxi, partnership program with ACS on cancer prevention education in China, Lifeline Express program for cataract patients and so on.

    Forbes China interviewed Vice President Mr. Allan Gabor, Mr. Ahmet Esen, Country Manager of Pfizer China, Dr. Sheng Wei, who was actively involved in the Tsunami Relief efforts, as well as one of Global Health Fellow, Ms. Miao-miao Horng, who was working with NGOs in Wuhan. After the interview, an article entitled "The Double Efficacies of Philanthropy" was published in the 2006 No. 5 issue of Forbes China. The author highlights Pfizer China's outstanding contributions in fighting against HIV/AIDS, as well as its active role and practice in corporate citizenship during the past years. The article also points out that a million-dollar donation is not necessarily the best way leading to the goal of philanthropy. Pfizer's global corporate citizenship is the approach to achieve double efficacies out of the donation, both internal supports from the whole company and external benefits to the social.

    Being Pfizer people, we are so proud of our achievements in improving China's healthcare and contributing to Chinese people's health. We will continue to devote ourselves actively in the healthcare and be a good corporate citizen.

    For more information on Forbes China's 2006 Charity List, please visit http://finance.sina.com.cn/g/20060508/20402550173.shtml.
    For the whole article entitled "The Double Efficacies of Philanthropy", please visit http://www.forbeschina.com/index.aspINCName=MDArticleContent&TopicTypeID=33&ArticleID=1488.

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