Pfizer China Launches Stress Management Program in Shanghai Songjiang University Town
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  • Shanghai    March 10, 2006

  • On March 10th, 2006, Pfizer China - Song Jiang University Town Mental Health and Stress Management Training Project launched in Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Shanghai CPPCC Vice Chairman, Dean of Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Prof. Wang Xinkui, Dean of University town and about 80 university tutors and doctors joined the opening ceremony and training class. Ms. Danlong FENG, Corporate Affairs Director of Pfizer China , presented the ceremony and emulated audited the first lesson.

    Currently, most college students are from "single child" family, usually growing with limited psychological adaptability and low coping skill in sociality and less knowledge on mental health hygiene. The occurrence rate of mental disorders is comparatively high among them especially when they step into a new environment full of competition on campus and they are also aware of the potential and unpredicted pressure of employment in the near future. In some severe cases, the mental disorders broke out without any recognition, leading to the campus tragedies. Although the university has designated a tutor for each class and university clinic is available for students' health, they possess poor knowledge about mental health and have no awareness of mental disorders. It is letting alone to provide assistance for those who need.

    Pfizer China-Songjiang University Town Stress Management Program is aiming to raise the awareness of various mental disorders among university tutors and doctors, hence to promote the early recognition and prevention of those disorders among students. It is also expected to further improve the mental health status of students from the 8 universities in Songjiang University Town. As supplement, it provides free psychological counseling for college students who are suffering from mental disorders within one year time. The project will benefit nearly 400 people of university tutors and school doctors. The psychological counseling will cover all the students in Songjiang University town, approximately about 100 thousands undergraduate students eventually by the project.

    As a global enterprise with important and growing operations in China, we at Pfizer dedicate to aiding China's economic prosperity and improving the health of China's people. Committing to our Corporate Citizenship, we develop many kinds of programs to ensure people a better healthy environment. The stress management program with Shanghai Songjiang University Town, which is an important part of our 'Friend of China', is to further improve the mental health status of students, and help to cultivate talents possessing comprehensive capabilities and healthy mental.

    Dean Wang highly appreciated Pfizer China - Shanghai Songjiang University Town Stress Management Program on the opening ceremony. He said, "This special program, collaborated by enterprise and university, shows Pfizer's corporate citizenship. Our university teachers should learn from the spirit of Pfizer's social responsibility and carry forward in our education career to better service the students."

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