Vice Chairman Kindler Addressed at Renmin University
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  • Beijing    February 17, 2006

  • Vice Chairman Kindler Addressed at Renmin University
  • On February 17, 2006, Mr. Jeffrey B. Kindler, Vice Chairman of Pfizer Inc, visited Renmin University and attended a symposium entitled "Moral in Law and Corporate Social Responsibility" organized by the Law School of Renmin University. During this symposium, Mr. Kindler delivered a speech on "Corporate Social Responsibility: Pfizer's experience".

    Mr. Kindler was accompanied by Mr. E. Allan Gabor, Vice President of Asia region, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals group; Ms. Nancy Nielsen, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship, Pfizer Inc; Mr. Christopher Costigan, Director of Corporate Affairs-Asia, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals; Ms. Feng Danlong, Corporate Affairs Director and Mr. Zeng Shijie, Legal Director of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited. Other participants including leaders of the Law School, Renmin University, alumni of the Law School from the related government agencies and some scholars of the School.

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