Pfizer China Officially Kicks Off HIV/AIDS Initiatives
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  •    June 17, 2005

  • For the commitment to fighting with HIV/AIDs in China, Pfizer sponsored the Symposium of Fight Stigma and Discrimination of AIDS in China: the Media, Art, and Social Policy held on June 13 in Shanghai. This is the officially kick-off event of Pfizer China HIV/AIDs philanthropic initiative.

    Mr. Wang Longde, Vice Minister of MOH and Mr. Yang Xiaodu, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government were in the presence of the meeting and addressed the keynotes about the government's commitment to fighting with the HIV/AIDs in China and would strengthen improvement of the public awareness of HIV/AIDs education.

    We invited KOLs and local key media to join the symposium. The meeting provided us a good opportunity to broadly discuss with experts from government officials, KOLs and NGOs on how to seek for the new role to fight stigma and discrimination of HIV/AIDs in China.

    In addition to sponsor this event, Pfizer China has joined the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDs (GBC) on May 16 to announce definite commitments to tackle HIV/AIDs in our workplaces and the wider community.

    Pfizer China's efforts on fighting HIV/AIDs were well recognized by government officials, KOLs and NGOs. As Pfizer China employees, we are proud our company has been in the partnership for HIV/AIDs prevention and education campaign.

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