Pfizer China Conducted HIV/AIDS Awareness Training in Dalian
  • Dalian   2006年5月25日

  • Pfizer China HIV/AIDS Task Force provided the HIV/AIDS awareness training for Dalian plant employees. Ms. TONG Wei from Dalian CDC introduced the HIV/AIDS epidemics and its prevention knowledge. Ms. Danlong FENG, Corporate Affairs Director, highlighted Pfizer China's HIV/AIDS contributions and efforts. Professor ZHANG Konglai from Peking Union Medical College elaborated the effective measures of HIV awareness and prevention from social angle. Furthermore, Prof. Zhang called on the whole society to care for AIDS patients and to fight against HIV/AIDS discrimination. At last, Mr. CHEN Yu, Manager of Human Resource Division, elaborated Pfizer China HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy in detail.<br><br>In the afternoon, Pfizer China, in cooperation with Dalian CPPCC, Dalian BOH and Dalian Red Cross, held a seminar entitled 'Fighting against HIV/AIDS, the Responsibility of the Whole Society' in Dalian, designed to enhance the representatives' HIV/AIDS awareness and appeal to take actions against HIV/AIDS. Dalian CPPCC members, who came from Dalian BOH, Dalian FDA, Dalian Red Cross, Dalian Affiliated Hospitals, Dalian Xinhua Hospital, Dalian Friendship Hospital etc. hospitals and healthcare authorities, participated in this seminar.<br><br>Fighting against HIV/AIDS is not only the responsibility of the Government, but also that of Non-government organizations and enterprises. As the Friend of China and the pioneer to practice Corporate Social Responsibilities, Pfizer China commits itself to the organization of more HIV/AIDS awareness training for Pfizer colleagues and key stakeholders as well as to the contribution on fighting against HIV/AIDS.