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Effective date: 12-13-2022

Welcome to Pfizer China Official Website! This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, share and store your personal information when you use the Pfizer China Official Website (the "Website"), how we protect such personal information, and your choices and rights towards such personal information. The words "we", "us" or "Pfizer" mentioned in this Privacy Policy refer to Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd whose registered address is Floor 36, Citic Pacific Plaza, 1168 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. Our Website may contain links to third-party websites/contents/services that are not owned or controlled by Pfizer. Pfizer is not responsible for how these websites operate or process your personal information. We, therefore, recommend you to carefully read the privacy policy and terms of third parties before using their services. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Policy, you can contact us through the contact information indicated at the end of this Policy.

Our Privacy Statement is divided into the following sections:

  1. How We Collect and Use Personal Information

    1. What personal information do we collect
      Except for the Cookies, the Website does not involve other scenarios that collect and use your personal information. We will not collect other personal information unless you voluntarily provide it by contacting us.
      If you provide us with any personal information relating to other third parties, please ensure that you have obtained legal authorization from those third parties and the authenticity and legality of such information.

    2. How We Use Personal Information
      We may use your personal information in the following ways:

      (1) Service provisions
      We may use the personal information you provide to:
      ● Provide customer service and respond to requests or inquiries;
      ● Make communication with you;
      ● Develop our marketing plans and activities; and
      ● Provide you with products, branding, wellbeing, disease related newsletters, articles, announcements, invitations, and other information.

      (2) Special project terms
      Under certain circumstances, Pfizer may provide specialized projects, activities, and events through this Website. These projects will have specific privacy policies to explain how we process personal information related to you. We strongly recommend you to carefully read the privacy policies applicable to these special projects before attending.

      (3) Product and service improvements
      We use the information you provide for data analysis to better understand how our products and services affect you and the people you care about, follow up and respond to problems, prevent fraud, and further develop and improve our products and services. We also use the information to comply with our regulatory and reporting obligations, including those related to adverse events, product complaints, and patient safety.

      (4) Use of anonymized or de-identified information
      We may anonymize and/or de-identify the data of Website visitors and use it for other purposes, including product and service development and improvement activities. Please note that as the anonymized data cannot be used to identify or contact any specific individuals and cannot be recovered, it is not categorized as personal information.

  2. How We Use Cookies

    When accessing the Website, Cookies are tiny text files stored in the browser, which can record information about your visit and facilitate your next visit. We use Cookies mainly for the following purposes: to maintain the normal operation of the Website, to measure your Website usage, to improve the Website and provide better services, and to display advertisements. We also use Cookies to collect relevant information, which may include your IP address (used to estimate the location), unique Cookie identifier, web page duration, visit time, device type, web page URL and name within the Website, browser type, operating system, and system settings, web browsing history, information about your interaction with the Website, such as click behavior, search query. You can manage how the Website uses Cookies by configuring “Cookie Management” function or the privacy settings of the browser (please refer to the help function of the browser for more information about Cookie settings). Please note that if Cookies are completely disabled, this Website may not function properly.

  3. How We Share, Entrust, Transfer and Disclose Your Personal Information

    1. Sharing
      Pfizer may share your personal information in the following ways:

      (1) Share with Pfizer’s affiliates
      We may share your personal information with Pfizer affiliates located in and outside of China for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

      (2) Share with suppliers
      To provide and optimize our services, we may work with suppliers to provide you with certain services and share some of your information with some suppliers. Before data sharing, we will assess the data security capability of such suppliers and data sharing risk thereunder, and regulate suppliers through the agreement to ensure access is limited to the information necessary for the performance of their duties, and restrict suppliers to use your personal information for any other purposes. For example, we will share your device information, browsing history, IP address with Adobe Analytics for data analysis and service improvements. You can get more information through Privacy overview | Adobe Analytics.

      Considering the constant update of third-party information, you can contact us through the contact information published at the end of this Policy to obtain the complete list of third parties, as well as their contact information, processing purpose, processing method and type of personal information being processed. 

    2. Entrusted Processing
      We may authorize partners to process your personal information so that partners can provide certain services or perform certain duties for you. We will only entrust partners to process your personal information for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. Partners will only have access to the information necessary for the performance of their duties, and we will regulate their use of your personal information through the agreements and require them to provide adequate security protection for your personal information.

    3. Transfer
      If we sell or transfer our business units (such as subsidiaries) or assets (such as Websites) to another company (including transactions in bankruptcy or similar proceedings), we may transfer your personal information to such company. We will notify you of the name and contact information of the recipient. The recipient will continue to perform this Policy and other statutory obligations. If the recipient changes the original processing purpose or method, it will re-obtain your consent.

    4. Public Disclosure
      We reserve the right to disclose your personal information according to legal requirements when we think it is necessary or appropriate to disclose for complying with regulatory requirements, judicial procedures, court orders, government requirements, or legal procedures for our service, or to protect the property, rights, and security of our customers, the public, Pfizer and other parties.

      Please note that, in accordance with the law, if we take technical measures and other necessary measures to anonymize personal information, which makes it impossible for the data recipient to re-identify specific individuals and the foregoing anonymization process cannot be recovered, the sharing, processing, transfer and disclosure of the data after the above processing need not be separately notified to you and your consent is not required.

  4. How We Protect Your Personal Information

    We use technology, management, and procedural measures to protect your personal information from illegal or accidental damage, accidental loss, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or other illegal forms of processing. However, such measures will not be 100% effective, so we do not guarantee that your personal information will not be affected by theft, loss, or unauthorized access or use, neither do we make any statement about the rationality, effectiveness, or appropriateness of the measures we use to protect such information. We advise you to stay away from telecom and Internet fraud, away from the Internet black/grey industrial chains, take good care of your account and password, to avoid being infringed by illegal activities. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if you believe that the security of any of your Pfizer accounts have been compromised), please contact us immediately through [email protected].

  5. Retention Period

    For the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, we retain your personal information for the shortest period required for providing services. The criteria of determining retention period include (i) the length of time we maintain a continuous relationship with you and provide you with the services of this Website; (ii) whether we have legal obligations; or (iii) whether it should be retained according to our legal status (for example, implementing the terms of use of the Website, the applicable statute of limitations, litigation or regulatory investigations), and whether personal information should be retained.

  6. Storage and Cross-border Transfer

    This Website is operated by us in China and subject to China laws. Unless otherwise specified, the information you provide to Pfizer through this Website will be stored on servers located in China. We do not transfer your personal information overseas unless we have obtained your explicit authorization and fulfill our legal obligations in accordance with effective Chinese legal requirements and ensure your personal information is adequately protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  7. Your rights

    In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, you have the right to access, copy, correct/supplement, delete your personal information, withdraw consent and etc. You may exercise your rights by contacting us through “Cookie management” or the contact information published at the end of this Policy.

  8. Protection of Minors' Personal Information

    This Website is not intended for minors under the age of 14. We do not intend to collect any minors’ personal information. If we unintentionally collect personal information of any minors, we will delete it by default upon acknowledgment. If you are a parent or guardian of a minor, please pay attention to whether the minor under your care uses our services after obtaininging your authorization and consent. If you have any questions about the personal information of minors, please contact us through the contact information at the end of this Policy.

  9. Updates on Privacy Policy

    We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and the changes will take effective after we publish the amended Privacy Policy. If the change of this Privacy Policy severely affect the way by which we process your personal information, we will not process previously-collected personal information in the manner described in the new Privacy Policy without providing notice and/or obtaining your consent (as the case may be). We recommend you check this page regularly through the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the Website to access the latest information about our Privacy Policy.

  10. Contact Us

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Policy, or would like to exercise your personal information rights, you can contact us in the following ways:

    (1) E-mail: [email protected];
    (2) Address: 8th Floor, Block B, Minmetals Plaza, No. 3-7, Chaoyangmen North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100010

    We will review the issues as soon as possible and reply to your request within 15 working days or the time limit stipulated by laws and regulations. If you are not satisfied with our reply, especially if you think that our personal information processing behavior has harmed your legitimate rights and interests, you may also file a lawsuit to the court with jurisdiction in the place where the defendant resides to seek a solution, or exercise the right to complain and report in accordance with law.

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